Design and Production Services

Our efficient and precise approach to manufacturing will shave weeks off the typical production schedule. From estimate to installation, we keep the ball rolling.

An overview of the services we offer:

  • Cleaning surface

          The first key step in the preparative process for the inserts is cleaning.            To prepare metals, all traces of oil, grease or solid lubricant must be completely removed from the metal surface.

  • Masking
  • Apply bonding


Stillwater Coating Co. specializes in applying adhesive coating to a variety of substrates and other related services for the rubber molding industry. With over 7,000 square  feet dedicated to these operations, we identify and apply the appropriate heat-activated adhesive while paying special attention to custom masking. One of the most important factors influencing adhesion is understanding substrate preparation.

Stillwater Coating has the capability to provide their customer with mechanical or chemical prepared components. In order to provide a quality adhesive bond, we ensure substrates are free of contaminates before and after adhesive is applied. We ensure a quality product by applying a adhesive the customer wants and to the  customer spec. 

We apply top of the line adhesive brands which are recognized globally as the industry leader in rubber-to-metal bonding. When manufacturers have a critical application that demands a proven rubber-to-metal adhesive, rubber-encapsulated metal is the most economical mechanical bond.


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